Timothy McMahon: ‘Beyond the Boundary Commission: Partitioned Identities in Modern Ireland’

A free USIHS Lecture: Thursday 19 April 2018 at 7.00pm

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Seminar Room

Listen again to Tim McMahon:


Prof Tim McMahon is associate professor of history at Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  He is a social historian whose research looks at national identity, imperialism, and popular culture in modern Ireland and Britain.  He is the author of Grand Opportunity: The Gaelic Revival and Irish Society, 1893-1910 (Syracuse, 2008) and editor of the memoir Pádraig Ó Fathaigh’s War of Independence: Recollections of a Galway Gaelic Leaguer (Cork, 2000), and he has published articles and book reviews in a variety of scholarly journals. He has recently co-edited a collection of essays entitled Ireland in an Imperial World (London, 2017) and writing a monograph tentatively entitled Éire Imperator: Ireland’s Imperial Ambivalence that interrogates the efforts of Irish men and women to build and manage the British Empire while others worked to undermine it.

This talk is based on new research relating to the Irish border. It draws upon testimonies and submissions to the 1920s Boundary Commission to test out some of Rogers Brubaker’s theoretical approaches to identity formation, most especially from his book Ethnicity without Groups.

This is a public event, open to all.

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